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Privacy Policy

Buy Essay is a registered organisation operating under the Companies Act since 2015. We understand the value of the privacy of our customers and site visitors, and we take great measures to ensure that there is no compromise on the privacy of our customers and site visitors.

On this page, you will find how we use your private information and what information do we use. Our Privacy Policy may be subject to changes from time to time, and this current version is the latest version. If you have any further queries regarding our usage of your private information, then you can feel free to contact us.

Why Do We Need To Store Your Information/Data?

There are multiple reasons as to why we store your personal information and data, which are mentioned as follows:

  • To follow up with you regarding order placement and order confirmation
  • To conduct surveys relating to the quality of our services
  • To send you promotional offers and discounts from time to time
  • To notify you about any changes in our services
  • To enhance the user experience of our website

We need to have your accurate information with us so that we can follow up with you about your order and make sure that we have the requirements all sorted out. Other than that, we wish to inform you regarding changes occurring in our services or about any promos or discounts we are giving out.

How and When Do We Store Your Information/Data?

Your information is basically stored with us when you:

  • Browse through the pages of this site
  • Fill in your information on any form (Lead Form, Order Form or Subscription Form)
  • Provide your details to our Customer Support Team

Your information starts being collected when you start browsing through our website. Other than that, we also store your information when you provide it to us during order placement.

What Information/Data of Yours Is Stored With Us?

The information and data of yours that is collected with us includes the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact details such as phone number and email address
  • Your IP address
  • Your time spent on each of the pages plus which pages you visit

We require your authentic information so that we do not face issues while confirming your order, plus we use the information and data for performing our own surveys and to check how we can further improve on our services.

Maintaining Your Confidentiality

All your information collected is secured with us through end to end encryption, and we ensure to protect your identity and confidentiality. You can rest assured that we will protect your identity to the best measures, unless we are compelled by the law to divulge your information.