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How To Write 5000 Words Essay? – Step by Step Guide

Did you know that the Latin translation of the word essay is ‘to try’? It makes complete sense given how much one has to “try” to get themselves to sit down and write a long essay.

There are only two scenarios in which a student could have achieved an incredibly written essay; they either possess unmatchable writing skills, or they buy essay online, which seems fair to them given the fact that not everyone is a distinguished writer. Writing an essay is not a piece of cake, many things go into crafting an articulate essay; brainstorming, planning, research & drafting, etc. All this makes writing an essay more difficult. Nevertheless, if you are someone who finds it tough to write prolonged essays, you have landed at the right place.

How To Make It Through an Essay of 5000 Words!

Writing essays is an integral part of a student’s life. You would be assigned with countless essays throughout your academic life. The essays might vary in their levels of difficulty, and most importantly, their length. Even well-experienced writers fumble when assigned an essay as long as 5000 words. Following are the ways to complete an essay this long:

1)   Dedicate The Entire Day & Shush All The Distractions Away

It is wise to set up a routine when you have such a long assignment at your end. It would take some additional effort but the results are worth it.

Start early and fresh. Remember what they say “early bird takes the worm”, well it is true. Starting early means you have the whole day to yourself and you could do so much with it. It will improve the productivity of your ideas. You can start your research early to get your brain to absorb as much knowledge about the topic as possible. If you write the essay before time, you get to enjoy the remaining time to do anything, but if the essay is more time-consuming, that’s fine because you started early and you won’t be running out of time.

1)   Stress less, Think More

A mind which is not at peace can never produce any worthy.

To keep your mind in place, you have to stop stressing out. It would just make things worst. Instead of stressing out, do things throughout the day that would calm your mind. Take small breathers. Listen to in your breaks, and drink plenty of water. This would help in keeping your mind at ease.

2)   Research Is What You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Research, the one word on which your entire academic essay would rely.  Research becomes more vital when you have to write such a long essay because you need to make space for more content. Although it is important to research, it is more important to know how to research.

·         Make Sense of The Topic:

Before diving into research, understand what the topic demands. Identify what is being asked and what content is supposed to be included. To achieve that, you may brainstorm and create a mind map to help you through. This way you would also be able to maintain coherence in your article.

·         Attain a Basic Understanding of The Topic Before Writing:

When you have been assigned a certain topic which you are not aware of, or know little about, you learn. Suppose you are asked to write about “crypto-currency” get yourself acquainted with it, read about it, and get to know what actually crypto-currency is. Achieving a basic understanding of a topic enables you to write more efficiently because you now know about the topic enough to write about it.

3)   Never Proofread Right Away:

Once you are done writing an essay this long, you are not supposed to revise it right away. This would make you overlook many errors in the flow of reading. Do the next best thing, leave it for a while and engage yourself in some other activity. Come back after some time and read it through fresh pair of eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Writing an essay this long is both physically and mentally exhausting, but if you know your way around it, it can be less challenging.