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Mystic Monk Scandal

Complete case study and analysis for Mystic Monk Scandal

The ethics of the coffee brand “mystic monk” are under question! Mystic Monk Coffee scandal! Does something ring a bell? Well! News channels were filled with this rumor, big reveal, accusation, or whatever you want to name it. Even though the scandal has been solved but there is a lot to learn from this scandal once you analyze it deeply.

Who Created Mystic Monk Coffee?

In order to understand the mystic monks scandal, it is important to comprehend its origin. Basically; it was a group of Carmelite monks in Clark, Wyoming, led by Brother Java (real name: Clark Norris) who produced Mystic Monk Coffee. The Carmelite Monastery of Cody was the organisation that originated the project, and its goal was to aid the monks in raising money for the creation of a new monastery called the “Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

The mission of Mystic Monk Coffee:

Before the huge mystic monks coffee scandal, this organisation had two goals, which were:

The monks thought that by selling fine gourmet coffee, they could share their contemplative way of life with others while simultaneously earning money to support their goals.

The strategy to achieve the vision:

As per the mystic monk case study; the following strategies were adopted by the monks to achieve the vision:

  • Monastery-focused: The main goal was to raise money for the new monastery’s construction. The money from coffee sales was set aside for this.
  • Online sales: Mystic Monk Coffee primarily reached clients through an online store. They were able to increase their revenue sources and reach a larger consumer base as a result, like Professional essay writers uk reach out to students all over the world through online mediums. 
  • Specialty Coffee: The monks concentrated on making top-notch, gourmet coffee from the finest beans. By providing distinctive blends and flavors, they hoped to stand apart from other popular coffee brands.
  • Marketing: Another mystic monk case study showed that they used innovative branding and marketing strategies to publicize their mission. In order to emphasize the tradition of their coffee, they emphasized their monastic heritage.
  • Loyalty program: They provided a loyalty program and a subscription service to encourage business and develop a strong consumer base. This tactic promoted a sense of camaraderie among clients and preserved a steady cash stream.
  • Partnerships: Mystic Monk Coffee worked together with other charities and groups that shared its values to form partnerships that supported a range of causes. In addition to being in line with company beliefs, this strategy also promoted awareness and reached a wider audience.

What is the Mystic Monk scandal?

The fundraising effort of the religious group received notice due to its distinctive strategy and the fact that it attracted a sizable quantity of monetary support from all across the world. However; rumors regarding dubious practices at the center of the Mystic Monk enterprise started to spread in 2022, which later on came to be known as the mystic monks scandal. According to unnamed sources, the business was not as transparent as it was supposed to be, and production and sourcing were both compromised.

Key players that gave rise to the Mystic Monks Scandal:

When students buy cheap essay writing service online, they see a separate heading for the key players of the ongoing topic as it helps in a better understanding of the whole essay. So; to reach the root cause of any problem, its key players must be identified. Similarly; the key players or factors which resulted in this whole mystic monks coffee scandal are as follows:

  1. The first factor that initiated the scandal was the allegation by a former monk about the mismanagement of the funds and running the commercial business outside of the mission. 
  2. The second factor of the mystic monk coffee case that gave rise to the scandal was it being engaged in deceptive advertising practices. It was alleged that monks mislead the consumers by using the terms like “Organic” and “Fair trade” but that was a false advertisement as they failed to meet the standards set by the certifications. 
  3. Moreover; the monks claimed that their coffee is roasted at the monastery but it was found out that it is done offsite by third parties.

The aftermath of the Scandal:

Obviously; this whole scandal left adverse effects on the consumers, the catholic supporters, and the monks themselves.

How Did the Monks Respond to the Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal?

The monks had to do something in order to retrieve their image; and they took the steps they could to do so, including:

  • Public apology: The Carmelite Monks expressed their shock and dismay at what had happened in a public statement and promised to act right away to fix mistakes and regain trust.
  • Modification of the procedures: The monastery started modifying its procedures and opening itself more. They started being more transparent with supporters, responding to any questions in an open manner, and making an attempt to engage the local populations by offering spiritual advice services.
  • Adoption of the business revival strategies: Despite the public unhappiness brought on by their business collapse, they eventually succeeded and were able to get the business back on track. The monks came together and started reviving their business in order to regain their reputation among suppliers and consumers. They worked together to revamp business strategies, reform operations, and get the business back on track by restructuring and reforming practices used.

Impact of the Scandal - mystic monk case study

This scandal needs a thorough mystic monk coffee case analysis because of the lasting impact that it left on the people involved and the consumers.

Critical Analysis Essay for Scandal

This scandal is not widespread just to gossip rather the mystic monk coffee case analysis teaches multiple lessons to the business owners, the donors, partners, as well as, the consumers. It teaches various lessons that need to be pondered over:

Lessons for business owners/partners:

  • Because of the scandal, businesses of all kinds have learned that their essential values can be compromised even by those who appear to be operating ethically.
  • The Mystic Monks affair was a clear warning that nonprofit organisations need to follow strict guidelines. This is especially important for religious organisations because they frequently are exempt from rules that apply to other non-profits, which makes it harder to maintain transparency and accountability. Experts should work with these organisations to ensure that their accounting practices are compliant with local, state, and federal law.

Lessons for donors:

Just like a Critical Analysis Essay, the mystic monk scandal must be analyzed from every aspect, even from the perspective of the donors. The donors need to check for the authenticity of the religious organisation before making their donations and see if the business is free from any sort of personal gain.

Lessons for consumers:

It serves as a reminder to customers that choosing businesses that share their values necessitates constant vigilance and due research.

Final statement:

Mystic monk coffee organisation was a huge name until the emergence of the scandal. This shows that you should never fall prey to power because it does not take long to take over you and your vision.