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How Can I Make My Essay Perfect? Read To Know

Essay essay go away.

Don’t come another day!

This was the magic spell I used to cast to avoid getting a new essay to write.

Did it work though? Nope, of course not. We all wouldn’t be suffering through them if it was that easy.

But I did learn several magic tricks to make my essay perfect.

Do you guys want in on that? Then let’s go and see what is in store for you!

Essay and Its Importance

First, let’s see what an essay actually is. An essay is a short piece of writing that revolves around one topic. The essay can be either formal or informal. Essay come in many types. Some of them are:

The type of essay can vary but not its importance. Despite what the students think, essays are more important than just getting good grades. They enhance critical and analyzing skills. They push you towards generating multiple creative ideas. They also teach you how to present your points argumentatively.

Secret Passage to Perfectionism

I never believed that I could perfect the art of writing an essay. But then I stumbled upon this secret passage and it led me straight to the heart of perfectionism. But why keep all the goods to myself, right? In the end, sharing is caring.

Now you can also learn how to make your essay perfect!

Magical Tricks Are This Way!

Come along and get the secret and special magical tricks to start excelling at essay writing.

Pick an Interesting Topic

Unless you have been assigned a topic by your professor, you have command of the ship. Now you can steer it wherever you desire. Choose the topic that calls to your interests. No interesting topic equals to a badly written essay. Nobody wants to work on something boring and uninteresting. That is just setting yourself up for failure.

But what to do if the topic has been chosen for you? Well, I have one simple hack to share with you. Search the fun and interesting facts about the topic, it will spark your curiosity and you will definitely be able to succeed in writing an essay on that topic.

Learn the Essay Type

If you are not familiar with different essay types, then make sure to review them. I’ve introduced common essay types above. Remember, every essay writing style is different from each other. Don’t become over confidant and think you are a now it all. Take some time out to learn, it will help you exceptionally.

Welcome the Storm of Ideas

Now sit down and let the ideas flood your mind. This is where you can map all the ways you can write your essay. I’m not talking about essay type. I’m talking about gathering all the different ideas that can make your essay unique. Choose the best one from them, take help in choosing if you are being indecisive.

Make a Clear Structure

Every essay is structured with three main components.

  • Introduction: the part where you will present your topic and its problem statement.
  • Body: in this part, evidence is provided to support the problem statement.
  • Conclusion: a brief overview of the whole essay.

Build the Outline

Now make a rough draft of your essay. What information will go where, write it down. Thinking why do this when you can easily start writing your essay? This draft is the outline of your essay. This way, when you are writing your essay, you won’t forget any important points. And every single point will take you closer to perfect grading.

Research Now, Write Later

You can’t jump from structuring to writing. You may have an idea of what you want to write, but writing requires knowledge. Start collecting the information that you will put in your essay to make it perfect. Save it to access it later. Read as much as you can because that is the most important part of the research.

Focus On the Writing Style

There are different writing styles such as:

But your professor must have made one writing style mandatory. Follow it closely. If you are thinking why to bother with something so stupid. Then drop this thought right now. Because following the assigned writing style will make or break your essay. Trust me, I was used to thinking this too. But that perspective changed fast when my professor gave me an ‘F’. So learn from my mistakes and don’t commit them.

Let’s Write, Write, Write

I know you must have been itching to start writing your essay. Well, this is the green signal for you. Now you have collected all the tools important for writing your essay. So start crunching out words! Make sure to give every portion the number of words it deserves. Don’t disproportion the essay.

First Cite Then Give Reference

Make sure to cite the source of the piece of information you are using in your essay. Then later you will give the complete reference of the source in the reference list. References will be written according to the writing style you have been following. If referencing is your weak point, hire professional essay writers to help you out. Because they are experts in every referencing style.

Pro Tip: Always do in-text citation. If the citation does not exist in the essay text then that reference is not a part of your essay. Don’t let the credibility of your essay turn into nothing by making this grave mistake.

Check Plagiarism

Don’t forget to check the plagiarism. This is the biggest enemy of your good grades. There are different plagiarism tools that will easily inform you of the ratio of plagiarism in your essay. The most common and reliable plagiarism checking tools are:

Look Out For the Slip-Ups

Your essay is not ready for submission yet. It needs to be edited and proofread to correct any mistake you may have made. This is important because many typos and grammar errors are common human mistakes. This step will give you the perfect opportunity to erase those blunders.

You Are An Essay Magician Now!

Looks like congratulations are in order. Now you can also make your essay perfect. Just like me.

Why Do You Need A Plagiarism Checker Tool?

Any worthy author’s rational fear is, having their reputation corrupted with plagiarized material. Many academic writers, students and professors have had their reputation and career tainted due to accusations of plagiarizing. However many times plagiarism is unintentional, this is mostly the case with students who are unaware of what exactly plagiarism is and how it works. In some cases students want to transfer the burden of their work and they end up with high plagiarism. There are many Plagiarism checkers for students. Plagiarism checker services can vary in terms of monetary value. Let’s first understand what plagiarism is.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. It is when an author submits copied material instead of their original work. This can mean that the original work is either not cited properly or just submitted as the students own. Plagiarism can lead to serious consequences.

Why Is Plagiarism Important?

It is expected that students follow the provided guidelines for their research this includes providing original work and to list  all the sources that they have used properly otherwise it could lead to failure of course and actions could be taken against the students. Therefore keeping track of your sources and checking plagiarism is important to avoid any issues.

Is a Plagiarism Checker Tool Necessary For UK Students?

Many students tend to avoid using plagiarism checker tools as they either have firm belief in their work or they think that using a plagiarism checker will make things worse for them rather than helping. They believe it is not secure and safe.

With high quality standards in the UK, the penalties of malpractice are implemented very rigorously. If an evaluator suspects presence of plagiarism they will run a plagiarism report, this tends to be a religious practice in some institutes even before suspicion of plagiarism. The students shall be dealt under student conduct and code of practice of academic integrity after any plagiarism is found. This could lead to course failure, suspension or degree failure.

Depending on the institution you are enrolled in the policies may differ however the consequences of plagiarism are high.

Therefore it is recommended to run a test using plagiarism tools before submitting your work hence making plagiarism tools an important part of research students’ life.

With these high academic standards it is often difficult for students to keep track of each source and provide an entirely plagiarism free research, many students tend to go for help through different academic writing services, like buy essay. International students who are often weak with grammar or cannot make enough time often use academic writing services.

What are the Factors to Consider When Identifying a Plagiarism Checker?

You must consider the following factors before deciding upon a plagiarism checker

1. Price

There are many free and fee-based tools it is not important to choose a paid version, however you must make sure that the checker you used does not compromise on quality and secures your data.

2. Convenience

Many checkers are inconvenient to use, they require additional downloads and are not user-friendly. Make sure you avoid any such tools and opt for those which are easily accessible.

3. Report

It is important that the tool you are using provides you with a proper and detailed report. Your report needs to clearly state the plagiarized areas and plagiarism percentage.

plagiarism tool identifier list

Which are the Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Professionals and Students?

Plagiarism can be checked using many different tools, some of these are paid some unpaid. Students mostly use free plagiarism checker tools as they are pocket-friendly however it is important to pick the right plagiarism checker Institutions in UK consider Turnitin as the standard plagiarism checker. Although most institutes use Turnitin but the following software’s are most used plagiarism checkers in UK.

One of the oldest Plagiarism checker tool is Turnitin, everyday more and more students get on this website to check their assignments, thesis and essays.

This web application, checks your material for free but also provides packages for amount of checks at very low cost. 

You must have heard of this plagiarism check tool, since it identifies given text with 100% accuracy.

They make a very in depth detection of plagiarism and shows mistakes made.

Famous amongst academic institutions, this plagiarism software is efficient.

This amazing web app will not only improve your writing skills but check if your material is copied.

Grammarly needs no introduction, one of the best tool available on the market. It not only checks for punctuation, grammar errors but also plagiarism.

To sum it all up, checking plagiarism is important you should keep track of your citations and run a report before submitting your work.

How To Write A Reflective Essay? – Step By Step Guide

We all wrote essays on different topics as it is one of the most common academic writing in school, college, and university.


Have you heard about the reflective essay? or did you ever write a reflective essay?

If yes, then it was a great chance you got to show your creative writing skills, and if no, well then you don’t need to worry because, in this blog, you are going to explore how to write a reflective essay.


What A Reflective Essay Is?

In a reflective essay, you write about your opinion and share your thoughts about a certain topic, event, and experience. The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to make students able to think intensely and learn the lesson from experiences.

This is the ultimate skill that will go to help you later in your life. So, let’s jump on the format and guide about how to write a perfect reflective essay.

The Ultimate Guide


The first thing that you need to know about is the format. It is quite similar to how we write a simple essay which includes an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

An Introduction:

Here you are telling your audience what is the main focus of your essay is. This is the part where you need to grab the reader’s attention.

It also includes the thesis statement which serves as the principal point of your essay. Don’t overthrow the information, keep it precise and exciting that leads the reader to the end.

Example: “Why I was so scared while going towards the stage for my presentation? It’s because I am a shy person and have a fear of public speaking.

The Body:

Plan the body of your reflective essay. The focus should be the main event, your own experience, and thoughts. What lessons you learned from this event.

The main questions which should be answered are who? What? Where? When? And why? You can also share the images, quotes, and other descriptions that you experienced.

Example:I felt so nervous, several questions were coming to my mind. Can I do this? At one point I felt like I am going to faint any minute”

The conclusion:

It’s time for you to wrap up your essay. Summarize what you have learned from that event. How it shaped your life or how it helped you to overcome a certain thing. How you are going to carry it in terms of learning and the real world.

Example:I have learned that with the time passing by I can overcome this issue. I just need to focus on my weaknesses and learn few things which I have experienced throughout this and it will be all good at the end”

Now you all know how to start it. You should now know the steps of your reflective essay writing.

The Major Steps

1. First, choose your topic:

Gone through a lot of experiences right? But some of them are not interesting? Choose the one that you think is worth reflecting on, an experience that changed your life, or taught you a lesson for a lifetime. Paint a picture for your audience in a dramatic way.

2. Prepare Notes For The Topic:

Make notes as this will help you to organize the major points of your topic in your essay that you want to write about. This is the time where you can recall the experience and gather your thoughts for your reflective essay.

3. Read:

There are lots of sources and samples available to guide you about reflective essay writing. Read them before sharing your experience. It will help you to understand the tone, mood, and writing style. It will also help you to create an outline for your essay.

4. Choose Reflective Questions:

It’s not a descriptive essay, it’s a reflective essay in which you are going to highlight what u feel about the experience and what impact it put on you. Your whole essay will revolve around the reflective questions you choose. E.g. Why I felt like this? Was that bad or a good thing? How it helped me? and so on.

5. Follow the Format:

You don’t want your reader to leave the essay in the middle right? No one wants that. Follow the format mentioned above to ensure the flow of your essay in the right direction. Make sure to answer all the reflection questions that you choose to answer.

Final Words

Hope this guide will help you to in your reflective essay writing process. It takes time, countless dedication, and good writing skills to write a reflective essay. You can also take the help of a custom essay writing service to write you a perfect piece of writing.

How To Write 5000 Words Essay? – Step by Step Guide

Did you know that the Latin translation of the word essay is ‘to try’? It makes complete sense given how much one has to “try” to get themselves to sit down and write a long essay.

There are only two scenarios in which a student could have achieved an incredibly written essay; they either possess unmatchable writing skills, or they buy essay online, which seems fair to them given the fact that not everyone is a distinguished writer. Writing an essay is not a piece of cake, many things go into crafting an articulate essay; brainstorming, planning, research & drafting, etc. All this makes writing an essay more difficult. Nevertheless, if you are someone who finds it tough to write prolonged essays, you have landed at the right place.

How To Make It Through an Essay of 5000 Words!

Writing essays is an integral part of a student’s life. You would be assigned with countless essays throughout your academic life. The essays might vary in their levels of difficulty, and most importantly, their length. Even well-experienced writers fumble when assigned an essay as long as 5000 words. Following are the ways to complete an essay this long:

1)   Dedicate The Entire Day & Shush All The Distractions Away

It is wise to set up a routine when you have such a long assignment at your end. It would take some additional effort but the results are worth it.

Start early and fresh. Remember what they say “early bird takes the worm”, well it is true. Starting early means you have the whole day to yourself and you could do so much with it. It will improve the productivity of your ideas. You can start your research early to get your brain to absorb as much knowledge about the topic as possible. If you write the essay before time, you get to enjoy the remaining time to do anything, but if the essay is more time-consuming, that’s fine because you started early and you won’t be running out of time.

1)   Stress less, Think More

A mind which is not at peace can never produce any worthy.

To keep your mind in place, you have to stop stressing out. It would just make things worst. Instead of stressing out, do things throughout the day that would calm your mind. Take small breathers. Listen to in your breaks, and drink plenty of water. This would help in keeping your mind at ease.

2)   Research Is What You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Research, the one word on which your entire academic essay would rely.  Research becomes more vital when you have to write such a long essay because you need to make space for more content. Although it is important to research, it is more important to know how to research.

·         Make Sense of The Topic:

Before diving into research, understand what the topic demands. Identify what is being asked and what content is supposed to be included. To achieve that, you may brainstorm and create a mind map to help you through. This way you would also be able to maintain coherence in your article.

·         Attain a Basic Understanding of The Topic Before Writing:

When you have been assigned a certain topic which you are not aware of, or know little about, you learn. Suppose you are asked to write about “crypto-currency” get yourself acquainted with it, read about it, and get to know what actually crypto-currency is. Achieving a basic understanding of a topic enables you to write more efficiently because you now know about the topic enough to write about it.

3)   Never Proofread Right Away:

Once you are done writing an essay this long, you are not supposed to revise it right away. This would make you overlook many errors in the flow of reading. Do the next best thing, leave it for a while and engage yourself in some other activity. Come back after some time and read it through fresh pair of eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Writing an essay this long is both physically and mentally exhausting, but if you know your way around it, it can be less challenging.